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Preparing you for ministry
& the world.

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Who we are.

Arrows College exists to prepare and train believers from all walks of life to be faithful and effective disciple-makers in both the church and in the world through integrated Biblical and practical teaching.

Who We Are

Study with us.

We offer a broad range of online courses that aim to holistically develop believers in their spiritual formation, Biblical knowledge and practical skills for ministry in the church, at home, and in the workplace. Our courses have flexible learning options that are designed for those who have other work and life commitments.

Study With Us

Hear the stories.

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"God spoke into my life in a fresh new way."
                                                         - Nicholette
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"God released a specific call on my life."
                                                         - Gary
"Received Godly training to equip me to serve."
           - Joshua

Arrows College is truly a safe place to receive godly training and to be equipped and inspired to take the next step to serving Jesus and His mission!

"A Life-changing experience."
            - Ning

Arrows College has been a really life-changing experience for me to grow in my faith, learn about who God is and so many aspects of His character.

"Made me more effective both inside and outside the church."
              - Kenny

We learned so much from the many Christian leaders and teachers who shared from their hearts and experience and opened up God's Word in fresh ways.

"Developed a new love for God's word"
          - Bella

Arrows College marked a pivotal moment in my faith journey where I developed a new love for God’s word.

"Helped me discover my God-given purpose."
            - Ivan

At a time where I was seeking to know my life purpose, Arrows College helped me discover my God-given purpose

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