Arrows College exists to provide holistic spiritual development and leadership training for believers from all walks of life. We believe that effective training should not only make students more effective ministers but also more faithful disciples.


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of faith.



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Ps. Amos Ngoi

Equip Pastor

& Arrows Dean

2019-01-22-FCC Team-12.jpg
Ps. Benny Ho

Senior Pastor

2019-08-08-FCC Team_Ruth-3.jpg
Ruth Chong

GEMs Ministry

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Ps. Dave Wong

Worship Pastor

2019-03-07-Ps Benedict-1_edited.jpg
Rev. Benedict Rajan

Senior Overseer,

Calvary City Church

2019-10-13-Phillip Lyn-1.jpg
Rev. Phillip Lyn

Senior Pastor,

Skyline SIB

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Faith Tee


Dr. Peter Christofides

NT Lecturer, University of Notre Dame
Ps. Mike Keating

Operations & Pastoral Leader, Champion Lakes Christian Church

Dawson Elliott copy.jpg
Rev. Dr. Dawson Elliott

CEO, Equip College


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Arrows College was founded with a vision to train and equip seekers, soldiers and servants who will carry a fi­re of revival into their city and the nations beyond.


It all started when Ps Benny was seeking confirmation on moving from Singapore to Perth. When seeking the Lord he received a word from the Lord from Isaiah 49:2 - "He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand He hid me; He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in His quiver." This was the seed and has been the Biblical heart that birthed Arrows College.  


Since 2012, Arrows College has had the privilege of journeying with over 120 students who completed the course in its entirety. Many of our students have gone on to become pastors, ministry workers and leaders of local churches, in Australia and beyond.