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  • What is a Pre-Order Course?
    Given that this is the first year Arrows College is going online some courses are only available as pre-orders, meaning that they are not yet released. They will be released gradually as the year progresses. The release date is published in the course card when you view the Courses offered. Registering for one course means that you are enrolled for and have access to that course alone. When that course starts, you will have access to the course.
  • What is the difference between registering for the bundle vs individual courses?
    From time to time bundles are offered at discounted prices. When you register for a bundle, you are automatically enrolled for all courses in the bundle and will be able to access the courses on their respective start dates. Please note that at this point, Arrows College consists of 11 courses, which are outlined on “Our Classes” page. Completion of all 11 courses is required to graduate from Arrows College. Therefore, if a bundle consists of less than 11 courses, you will need to register and complete the remaining courses to graduate from Arrows College.
  • What happens if I register for the bundle but am unable to complete one or more courses?
    The courses offered in a bundle have set start and end dates. If a student is unable to complete all assessments within this period, all future assessment submissions will be considered void and thus the course will effectively be considered incomplete. In order to complete the course, the student will be required to re-enrol for the course when it is next released (possibly in the following year or half-year). Exemptions will only be made under special circumstances when it is deemed that unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances prevented them from completing the course. Students will be required to contact us to qualify for such exemptions. Exemptions will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • I notice that some courses have scheduled Zoom meetings, are attendance to those meetings compulsory?"
    These meetings provide students the opportunity to directly interact with lecturers and facilitators. Attendance to these meetings are strongly encouraged since they are often closely tied with the module activities and lessons. However, for those who are in a different time zone or who, for whatever reason are unable to attend, some Zoom meetings will be recorded. Zoom meetings will not be recorded if they are purely ministry based, meaning that the purpose of the Zoom meeting was to minister directly to students. In these cases, recorded Zoom meetings will not be relevant to those not personally in attendance.
  • What is the typical length of course and assignments?
    Most courses are accessible for 4 weeks from their start date. Courses are inaccessible prior to their listed start date and are only accessible for two subsequent weeks following their formal end date.
  • What kind of assessments/course activities are there?
    Typical course assessments are a multiple choice question quizzes, short answer questions, and discussion posts. All assessments must be completed prior to the listed course end date. All assessments will be marked within 2 weeks of the end of the course.
  • Are the courses completely on-demand?
    All videos, reading material, and activities can be accessed at any time during the course’s duration. The only exception are scheduled Zoom meetings. Courses will be open for a set time for a set number of days. After this period, the course will be considered over and any assessments submitted after outside this period will be considered void.
  • Is Arrows College accredited?
    Arrows College is not currently accredited under any national educational body. This provides us with a great deal of flexibility in providing training in a way that is most practical to prepare Christians for ministry inside and outside the church.
  • What currency will be charged for the courses?
    All the prices shown are in Australian Dollars. Payment will be in Australian Dollars.
  • Refunds
    All sales are final. If for any reason there is a problem with your order, you may contact us via email at
  • How do I contact the college?
    Please send an email to or send a message via the website contact form.
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